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Canary Islands new emergency service FRESS 112

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The GoverTenerife emergency service 112nment of the Canary Islands have announced the launch of a smart phone App which substantially improves emergency services’ responses when contacting the 1-1-2  emergency phone line.

It will allow android phone users to include data relevant to their medical records or send their specific location at the same time as making the emergency call.

The caller can pre-select which personal information is to be shared in the event of an emergency, such as a list of their medication or existing conditions and can also enable data to be sent about their exact location using the smart phone GPS positioning coordinates.

If  requested by the coordinating center  photographs and text messages can be used to aid in identifying emergency situations or for specific groups such as the deaf.

The system translates any foreign text messages automatically to Spanish, which is very helpful for the millions of tourists who holiday in the Canary Islands.

The app, which is free and available from the Google Play Store in English as well as Spanish, is called FRESS 112/066 and works with 3G networks, ie you must have an enabled data line or access to WIFI  for the use of advanced options such as sending pictures.

The FRESS112 system has been developed by the FRESS International Foundation  and has already been tested in emergency situations in Virginia, USA (911), Mexico (Control Center),and is currently in operation in Krakow in Poland.


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