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Tenerife considers hooking up to transatlantic undersea fibre optic cable

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Fibre Optic cables come to tenerife

The Tenerife authorities are considering hooking the island up to a new state of the art undersea telecommunications cable which will run from Brazil to Europe. The 185 million dollar cable is seen by Brazil as a way of reducing Latin America’s dependence on American communications systems and is being actively promoted by the country’s government in the light of recent espionage scandals which have seen Washington accused of eavesdropping on government communications channeled via existing networks. Tenerife is already a hub for data traffic from Europe to Africa and views the Brazilian cable as an ideal opportunity to play a similar role between South America and Africa. “We will do the sums and see if the investment is viable. It could generate revenue in the form of rental by others of the cable we would lay from Tenerife to connect up to the Brazil-Lisbon one” said a spokeperson. However, some view the investment as unnecessary and a low priority compared to the more pressing needs of the island. “These costly initiatives only generate business for the handful of hi-tech operators involved but not for the general public. They are all about getting politicians’ photos in the papers” said one critic.


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